[2] -QIANI- Long Search For Qiani

Long Search For Qiani

"Come on, Tom. I knew you'd be coming soon" said Chief Kara of Karibachi. 
 "The credit goes to Bella. It seems she's very happy to come here. She showed great enthusiasm all along the way. After all, she was born in Karibachi." said Tom, patting Bella on the back. 
 Now Tom came straight to the subject and said, "Howley has told me everything. I'll go to the house of wizard Old Marlie without much delay. Will you send two of your men with me?" asked Tom.
 "Oh, Tom. You have come to help me. Take as many men as you need," said the Chief. "Thank you Chief. But, two are enough now" said Tom. The Chief called his two warriors and ordered them to be ready to go with Tom. Also, he gestured to the two men who were waiting there. Both of them immediately started to work. One of them brought fodder and water for Bella. Another loaded large baskets full of fruits into the horse cart.
 As Tom and Chief Kara's men were about to leave, a small group of Karibachi people came running around him holding blue flowers in their right hands and chanting in their language. Tom stood in surprise and looked at Chief Kara's face. The dancing people threw the flowers at Tom and returned to their tents. The Chief looked at Tom and said, "This is our custom of wishing good luck, Tom."  
  The chief showed a small bottle and said, "It contains a special potion prepared by our medicine man. I believe it will be of use to you on your way."
 "Thank you chief. I think I'll take your leave now and go to the wizard Old Marlie," said Tom. The Chief smiled and blessed him by swiping a bunch of feathers on his body, and said "Good luck to you, Tom. The blessings of Goddess Qia Janami be with you."