[ 1 ] Tom Carter Adventure-OGRE HILLS-1-BLUSH HILL

TOM Carter 


 Part -1-      

Blush Hill

By BarthEnpi 

Blush Hill is the first instalment of Tom Carter's fantasy adventure series  'Ogre Hills'. Read on to learn about Tom and his friends as well as the animals, birds and plants that have magical powers in the wonderful forest of Kallivana.

**Start From The Island**

 Old fisherman, Obi Zuberi, was the oldest person living on Sun Island. He was a great storyteller. The children of Sun Island gathered every evening in the yard of Obi's house to listen to wonderful stories of past adventures. 

One evening, it was a special day for 18 children who came there. Yes. Obi had promised to begin narrating Blush Hill, the first part of the fantasy adventure story series 'Ogre Hills'.

  Returning from his daily fishing trip in the ocean, Obi happily recounted to the children about the 20-pound fish,  Albacore Tuna, he caught that day. Then he made the children sit on wooden benches in front of his house. Now, as promised, he began to tell the story of Tom Carter, a brave and adventurous boy who overcomes all obstacles on his way to the wonderful land of 'Goldorado' to save the life of Qiani, the most beloved girl in Kallivana.

**A Message From Howley**

 Tom Carter lived with his mother, Amy, and father, Sam, in a beautiful one-storey house near a forest called Kallivana. Tom had many friends in Kallivana. Some of them even had amazing magical powers. The powers were bestowed upon them by Queen Lara of Wonderland Malitania. 

 It was a dark night, and Tom had just finished his prayers. Suddenly, he heard an owl hooting very loudly. Tom knew that it was the messenger, Howley Owl, from Kallivana. 

Tom rushed out of the house. Howley, perched on a lower branch of a barren tree, was still hooting. Tom went closer and asked, "What's the matter,  Howley?!" 

 "Qiani...Qiani" said the magical bird.

 "What?! What happened to Qiani?!" Tom asked him.

 Howley whimpered and said, "Qiani is missing, Tom!" 

 "What?!" said Tom. 

 "Yes, it's true. Chief Kara's men looked for her all over Kallivana. Qiani is nowhere to be seen. Wizard Old Marlie says Qiani has been taken away by some evil spirit. The chief needs you, Tom. Please leave immediately." said Howley. Tom stood still in surprise. 

He thought of Qiani, the only daughter of Chief Kara. Everyone in the Karibachi tribe believed that Qiani was a living good luck charm sent by their deity, Qia Janami. Chief Kara had even kept four men to guard her, and all were good warriors. Then, how could this happen?  

  Howley suddenly flew away and disappeared. But a small blush feather fluttered and slowly fell to the ground. 

 Tom picked up the feather and went home. He kept it safely in his bag. He knew that the small thing could be of big help on his way. 

 Tom was standing, ready to leave for Karibachi. His mother and father bid him a fond farewell. Tom checked his carriage once more, sat on the seat and said to the horse, "Let's go, Bella. We must reach Karibachi in the morning ." He looked at his parents and waved. 

 The word 'Karibachi' was enough for Bella to move forward. She gradually increased her speed and raced with excitement.  They reached Karibachi earlier than Tom had thought.

 Chief Kara was standing with some of his men waiting for Tom on the archway. Tom saw the chief's sad face, even in the low light, as he approached. Tom was very upset to see Chief Kara, who always wanted to be happy and keep others happy, grieving the disappearance of his only daughter, Qiani.

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